The cutting edge coating technologies we employ are used for home restoration, car and architectural (AAMA-2603-2604-2605) projects. We have the solutions to fit your coating needs from industrial equipment to ceramic coating for an exhaust system.

Powder coating is a combination of Resin and Pigments engineered for specific purposes.  It is ground to a powder form and is sprayed on any metal and other substrates. The powder is charged with high voltage spray gun which charges the powder to be attracted to the grounded product. The product is heated in a curing oven until it is baked on. The product is cooled leaving a high quality durable finish powder coating surface. This makes the product more resistant to chipping, scratching, and wear compared to other coating finishes.

West Coast Specialty Coatings, Inc. has hundreds of color, glosses, metallic and texture and clear finishes available. Don’t be afraid to ask for something special.

Good for the environment.

Powder coating does not use solvents so it is safer for the environment and our workers. Powder coating is environmentally friendly and does not require volatile organic components (VOCS) found in liquid products. All of our products are compliant and environmentally sensible.

Ceramic coatings have many applications.

  • Automotive exhaust,
  • dry-film lubrication,
  • thermal- insulation,
  • thermal- dissipative and
  • high chemical resistance to name a few.

Another benefit of ceramic coating is they emulate the look of certain plating materials which may be desirable for your project.

Ceramics can be applied to metal and can reach up to 2000 degrees. We recommend this for high heat items such as exhaust manifolds, headers and turbo housings.

As a side note to you BBQ fans, we have Ceramic coated many types of smokers and pellet BBQ’s. More stable temperatures in the unit equal better BBQ…

Media blasting (or sand blasting) includes abrasive, glass bead, and specialty.  We have two walk in blast rooms and four specialty cabinet blasters. If you have a special requirement, please inquire with a team member for your requirements.

Popular media blasting materials include: soda, glass, walnut, green diamond, and corn cob.

Media blasting might be used as an alternative to sand material, and quantity. Our experience will ensure that you get

Since we are on the West Coast, we have to deal with a lot of Coastal Applications where corrosion is a major concern. Our TSP (Thermal Spray Process) allows our customers to have Steel products in that environment. We have third party testing that has exceeded 10,000 hours salt spray as to ASTM-B-117.

What does that mean? You better like the finish. It will be there a long time.


Our shop has multiple blasting booths, ovens and application booths for various operations, up to 700 degrees F.

Our Industrial size ovens allow us to tackle the large structures as well as the large quantities. We can service products up to 30 feet in length.