Kyle Vinther, CEO of West Coast Specialty Coatings, has over 40 years’ experience in the finishing industry.  He has designed, consulted and installed finishing facilities throughout North America and Asia in a wide range of industries.

Our team is proficient in applications for the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, General Industrial and Medical industries to list a few. If you require assistance with facility upgrades, please contact us.

The cutting edge coating technologies we employ are used for home restoration, car and architectural (AAMA-2603-2604-2605) projects. We have the solutions to fit your coating needs from industrial equipment to ceramic coating for an exhaust system.

If we can’t do your project, most likely one of our partner customers can.

west coast specialty coatings facilities


Our shop has multiple blasting booths, ovens and application booths for various operations, up to 700 degrees F.

Our Industrial size ovens allow us to tackle the large structures as well as the large quantities. We can service products up to 30 feet in length.